Here you’ll find a list of tutorials and how-tos intended to support your own creations. (If you can use a computer, you can learn to use a sewing machine. I promise.) It’s my hope that these teachings will inspire you to make your own garments, mend your own clothing, or otherwise reclaim a piece of your wardrobe. One handmade dress might not change the world but reclaiming self-sufficiency, learning practical skills, and engaging with the DIY movement just might inspire the change we’re seeking. Grab your thread and needle and dive in.


Bias Tape Binding

How to Make (and Apply) Handmade Bias Tape as Binding

Fingerless Gloves

How to Make Fingerless Gloves from Sweater Sleeves

DIY Elbow Patch

How to Make (and Apply) Elbow Patches


(Please note: All of my projects and tutorials are intended for readers’ personal use only. Not intended for resale, retail, wholesale, or any other form of reproduction. Thank you.)