May 2016: Portland, Maine here I come! I’ll be working with A Gathering of Stitches to offer a special daylong workshop on Saturday, May 28 in keeping with their retreat workshop model. This workshop, Mindful Mending, will allow participants to dive deeper into the practices of sustainable fashion through mending while taking the time to consider the design elements of repair. We’ll make a sample Sashiko stitching project and consider the shape, texture, lines, colors, and other design elements of the garment to be mended to truly consider the creative opportunity in mending. This will be a very special day of eco fashion, stitching, and community. Join me to explore the mindful practice of mending and how this action can radiate into social change, community building, and deeper awareness. I’m thrilled to offer this workshop with AGOS. Check out their website for details and registration after Feb 8.

April 2016: So very excited to offer a Sashiko Mending workshop in my new Hudson Valley locale. I’ll be working with Drop, Forge & Tool on April 9 from 1:30-5:30 in Hudson, NY. This workshop will be similar to my popular mending workshops offered in California but it’s my east coast workshop debut! We’ll discuss slow fashion, eco fashion, Sashiko stitches, and the various creative opportunities in repair. We’ll also make a potholder as a sample stitching project before mending garments and diving into the world of slow fashion, slow stitches, and what I like to call, “Mendfulness“. More details on the DFT website. Hudson is only 2 hours north of NYC and makes for a lovely day trip or weekend destination by car or by train.

March 2016: I’m thrilled to be offering mending workshops at my beloved Handcraft Studio School Emeryville, CA. This is one of my favorite contemporary craft schools and this workshop always results in a joyful community and inspiring afternoon. I’ll be teaching Sashiko Mending on Saturday, March 12 from 1:30-5:30 and on Sunday, March 13 from 1:30-5:30. We’ll discuss Sashiko, Boro, embroidery, quilting, and various ways to make our wardrobes more sustainable by embracing the creative opportunities in repair. We’ll make a potholder as a sample Sashiko project and we’ll mend a garment of your choice. For more details and registration visit Handcraft Studio.


October 2015: We’re moving to NY! My studio is temporarily closed as I move 3,000 miles from Oakland, CA to a 200-year-old farmhouse in the Hudson Valley, NY. Together with my husband and our two young sons we will begin initial farmhouse renovations and ultimately convert the existing carriage barn into our art studios. After over a decade in Oakland, CA I’m hesitant to leave the incredible creative community in this beautiful city but I’m thrilled to own a home, create a natural dye garden, and return to my beloved friends and family in NY. Stay tuned for 2016 updates once we’ve settled.

September 2015: Another Sashiko Mending workshop is scheduled due to popular demand! Join me on Sunday, September 13 from 2-6pm at Handcraft Studio School for this favorite workshop. This workshop sells out quickly so be sure to reserve your spot soon! We’ll discuss inspirations for visible mending including Boro, Sashiko, Alabama Chanin, American Quilting and more. We’ll make one Sashiko potholder and then we’ll turn our attention to customizing your own garment that needs mending. Join me, it’s my favorite workshop at my favorite place to teach.

August 2015: I’m offering my very first in-person natural dye workshop and I am so excited about this news! Join me on Sunday, August 23 from 2-5pm at Handcraft Studio School in Emeryville, CA. I’ll be offering an introduction to natural dyes focused on seasonal plants you can harvest from our local Bay Area environment and plants that are considered compost from your kitchen. That’s right–compost to color in this beginner’s natural dye workshop. We’ll test our colors on a variety of fabrics, papers, and yarn and participants will leave with a sampling of fibers and fabrics. You’ll never think of your kitchen scraps the same way after this workshop. I promise!

August 2015: Thrilled to return to Handcraft Studio School to offer another Sashiko Mending workshop on August 16 from 1:30-5:30. This workshop sells out quickly so be sure to reserve your spot soon! We’ll discuss inspirations for visible mending including Boro, Sashiko, Alabama Chanin, American Quilting and more. We’ll make one Sashiko potholder and then we’ll turn our attention to customizing your own garment that needs mending. Join me, it’s my favorite workshop at my favorite place to teach.

July 2015: Very excited to be the artist-in-residence for our tiny art studio, Studio 1, as part of an experimental artist residency program, Range Studio, in collaboration with my husband, David Szlasa. Studio 1 will be active on Market Street as a commission between the San Francisco Mayor’s Office for Civic Innovation, the SF Arts Commission, and the Living Innovation Zone. Eight artists will be present over eight weeks and I’ll be working from the studio the week of July 13-17. Visit me in the studio at Market Street and 1st as I offer demonstrations with amazing textile artists each day at lunchtime from 12-2pm. This residency will be focused on my ongoing project, Make Thrift Mend, and the intersections of art, textiles, sustainability, social practice, and activism. More details on the Range Studio website.

June 2015: I’ll be teaching a Sashiko Mending workshop at Handcraft Studio School in Emeryville, CA on Sunday, June 7. I love teaching this mending workshop and sharing my insights and techniques with a broader community. This workshop tends to fill quickly so head over to the Handcraft Studio site for more details. We’ll practice Sashiko stitches, make a Sashiko potholder, and I’ll work with students directly to mend the garment they bring to class. I wish I could offer this workshop in every city across the world! Mending workshops for everyone, please. This workshop is part of my ongoing social practice, art as action, and slow fashion project, Make Thrift Mend.

January 2015: I’ll be offering another Sashiko Mending workshop at Handcraft Studio School in Emeryville, CA on Sunday, January 25 from 1:30-5:30. This workshop sold out quickly when offered in November so be sure to sign-up on the Handcraft website if you’d like to join. We’ll discuss the textile traditions of Sashiko, Boro, quilting, and embroidery and how these techniques can be applied to contemporary and stylish mending. Students will experiment with pre-printed Sashiko fabrics, make one original Sashiko potholder, and have one-on-one support to mend an existing garment of their choice. I love teaching this workshop, more details on the Handcraft website. Basic sewing and stitching skills are required.

November 2014: Thrilled to teach a Sashiko mending workshop at Handcraft Studio School in Emeryville, CA on Sunday, November 2 from 1:30-5:30pm. This traditional Japanese sewing technique lends itself beautifully to contemporary crafts. Sashiko is the perfect stitch to mend existing garments or to create beautiful new textiles. In this workshop, we’ll discuss traditional techniques like Boro, Sashiko, embroidery, and quilting and their modern applications in Visible Mending and Slow Fashion. We’ll also consider “mendfulness” and the creative opportunity in repair. Basic sewing and stitching skills are required. Please Note: This workshop has sold out. Join my mailing list to be notified about future workshops in 2015.

October 2014: It’s here! My new FREE online workshop, Slow Fashion Style, will run from Oct 13-24, 2014. Class will operate through a private blog that shares original daily content to subscribed readers only. This workshop will share project tutorials, exclusive artist interviews, project possibilities, studio tips, and multiple resources for sustainable fashion. Topics will include visible mending, natural dyes, simple sewing techniques, and various ways to reduce your fashion footprint while increasing your fashion resourcefulness. This workshop is FREE but participants must preregister over here. More details here. Hooray!

September 2014: Thrilled to have my feature article, Mendfulness, included in the recent issue of Taproot Magazine. This issue is brimming with gorgeous photographs, thoughtful essays, inspired craft tutorials, and delicious recipes that explore numerous angles of “mend”. Yes, even recipes and photographs that are inspired by concepts of mend or mending. The article attempts to summarize my intentions and motivations with the Make Thrift Mend project and also with visible mending. This magazine is totally independent and free of sponsors or advertisements. You can purchase a subscription or an individual copy over here. It’s so pretty too!

September 2014: I’ll be teaching a Sashiko workshop at Britex Fabrics in San Francisco on Saturday, September 6 from 1:30-4:30 for just $35. This Sashiko stitch is the same stitch I use for the visible mending projects on jeans. Exploring Sashiko Embroidery: A Creative Approach is now open for enrollment. We’ll use the mini quilt as an opportunity to explore patchwork, hand stitching, and embroidery with Sashiko. We’ll also talk about the fine line between art, design, and craft and why this benefits textile enthusiasts like you. Basic sewing and stitching skills are required.

May 2014: Very exciting news! I just learned that the Puffin Foundation has awarded a grant to the Make Thrift Mend project to offer a free online workshop. Sign up for the mailing list in the “Join” section of this website to be the first to know about registration for the free workshop. Stay tuned for details.

May 2014: Karen Templer at the Fringe Association will also be amending her fashion buying habits in 2014. She mentions how watching other women make their own clothing in the Instagram group, Me Made May, taking a workshop about Boro and Sashiko, and turning a critical eye to her closet all created the inspiration for her to change her fashion buying ways. She also mentions how Make Thrift Mend has been an inspiration. Hooray, Karen! Very excited to see what creations she’ll make instead of buying new.

February 2014: I’ll be hosting a mending circle at Teahouse Studio in Berkeley. We’ll join in community, craft, and light refreshments to whittle down our mending piles. I imagine we will also bring wine, snacks, and plenty of good conversation. Thank you, Mati Rose, and Teahouse for hosting.

January 2014: My friend and artist extraordinaire, Lisa Congdon, has decided to take her own pledge against fast fashion. Inspired by Make Thrift Mend and other slow fashion advocates like shared friend, Sonya Philip, Lisa will be making and thrifting her wardrobe instead of buying new. Hooray, Lisa! So excited to see what beautiful creations will be born from her sewing odyssey.

November 2013: I finished the creation of his website and launched the project out into the world. Sharing the news with my community through social media and various websites–I’ve declared my yearlong journey from this virtual mountaintop. Very excited to publicly let the journey evolve.

August 2013: Make Thrift Mend officially begins! I secretly started the fast fashion fast without telling anybody except my husband. Nervous to commit, I tried it out silently for a month before creating this website in Sept 2013 and formalizing the project. It’s official–I’m on a yearlong journey to reclaim sustainable fashion in my life.